We have workshop sessions running on both days of the symposium. On each day you can choose to attend several quick sessions in a row, or one longer deep-dive workshop.


Quick Workshops

Attend several quick sessions in a row

The quick workshops will provide you with introductions to frameworks, concepts, and practical tools which you can take back and apply in your own world.


Deep Dive Workshops

Sink into longer sessions for in-depth learning

The deep-dive workshops will explore ideas in greater depth – allowing time for learning by doing, self-reflection, and discussion.


Discover what these streams have to offer below….



Tuesday 19 November
2.30pm | 3.00pm | 3.30pm


Kua Hinatore

A Whakapapa Centred Approach to Design

Mihi Tibble →
Ngāti Porou, Whānau ā Apanui, Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa

Level 1 | Space 1

This workshop invites participants to explore the premise in understanding that everything is connected as an approach to co-design and engagement. A practical fun workshop that draws upon our Maramataka Māori (Māori lunar calendar) and of our creation pūrākau (stories) to create spaces of enquiry.


One Face/Many Facets

Practising inclusive design

Anna Brown →
Toi Āria

Level 1 | Space 2

We invite participants familiar with ‘human-centred thinking’ to explore what a commitment to many people, whānau, and communities looks like.

We’ll share examples, exemplars and (unsuccessful!) attempts at using this approach. We’ll finish with a hands-on exercise to generate and share everyone’s collective wisdom.



A capability and conditions framework

Alastair Child
Baruk Jacob
The Co-design Lab

Level 3 | Space 1

What capability and conditions contribute to supporting people and whānau-centric design and innovation practice?

The Co-design capability and conditions framework supports teams to unpack this question and define what good practice goals are in their own context. This is a highly interactive workshop, appropriate for all stages of the co-design journey.


Shaping equality

Working equitably with rainbow communities

Joey Macdonald →
Moira Clunie, Te Rarawa
Te Ngākau Kahukura

Level 3 | Space 2

As rainbow educators, we want to talk about how to challenge dominant power structures and re-centre marginalised perspectives.

How can you engage respectfully with rainbow communities when seeking our expertise? How can we re-shape our default paradigms instead of asking people to leave parts of themselves out of the frame?



Choose One

Tuesday 19 November
2.30pm - 4.00pm


Aotearoa Design

Upholding Te Tiriti (Treaty of Waitangi) and diversity in design

Ngā Aho - Māori Design Professionals Inc & Designers Speak (Up) collaborate to dig into the realities of designing in Aotearoa across cultures.

Diversity: How do we all locate ourselves in relationship to Te Tiriti? What are the key questions and drivers for our cultural relationships? What does design look like when it's regenerating the well-being of people and place?

The Be. Lab

Explore multi-sensory wayfinding

Jeanine Spence
Minnie Baragwanath
The Be. Lab

Level 5 | Space 1

Collaboratively generate a wayfinding vocabulary beyond directional arrows that engages all the senses.

Gareth Parry

Bringing openness and love to collaborative spaces

Gareth Parry

Level 5 | Space 2

Together, we'll explore tools and skills for framing collaborative spaces, and tools and skills for bringing openness and love into those spaces.


Innovators as healers and leaders

For themselves and others

Where are we innovating from inside ourselves and within our teams – what part of us is innovating? This depth workshop will bring the healer archetype into the design world. It will also explore the impact of intergenerational and collective trauma as the barriers to creating a humanity that works harmoniously together and with the living planet.

You will leave the workshop with a greater ability to lead and heal yourself and those around you.



Wednesday 20 November
10.00am | 10.30am


The Hive

Shifting power with young people

Eddy Royal & The Hive →
The Hive

Level 1 | Space 3

Created by young people, The Hive is a way for our youth to connect with policy makers, so that they can have their voices heard on the issues that matter to them, both now and in the future.

In this workshop, you'll get to meet some of the young people driving The Hive, and experience how they manage the inherent power dynamics of working with stink adults.


The Circle Way

Hamish Lindop →
Ngā Pātaka Kōrero o Tāmaki Makaurau - Auckland Libraries

Level 3 | Space 1

Find out about and have a quick go at a practice that is very powerful for creating authentic participation in a high trust setting where leadership is shared.

This practice can support us to discover our authentic self with the support of peers.


A workshop with Lifewise designers

who have lived experience of homelessness

Merge Community Team →

Level 3 | Space 2

Lifewise uses co-design to create innovative services and initiatives. Involving people with lived experience as designers has been critical to our success.

Come and hear from a group of Auckland designers with lived experience of street homelessness about how you can support users or people with lived experience to participate as designers in your work.


Visual Impact

Collaborating with pictures to create meaningful results

We live in an increasingly visual world. Participants are invited to explore how visual storytelling and curation can both assist and define our respective bodies of work.

How is collective contribution convened? How are key decision makers influenced? Where does a picture achieve more than words?



Wednesday 20 November
10.00am - 11.00am


Te Kete Waiora

Te Pu-a-nga Maara →

Level 5 | Space 1

In this workshop participants will have an opportunity to learn about and use Te Kete Waiora, the water quality testing kit developed by our Rangatahi in partnership with The University of Auckland and Dodd-Walls Centre.

Participants can expect to engage in hands-on learning about how we use innovation, and apply Matauranga Maori in the testing and monitoring of our waterways.


Building empathy

through immersive experiences

Ben Birks Ang →
Odyssey &
The New Zealand Drug Foundation

Level 5 | Space 2

Experience how virtual reality technology can help people change the way they work to better engage young people, and explore how sharing this exposure to different lives can uncover new ideas for social innovation.


Buen Vivir-Centric Design

weaving the threads of collective wellbeing

Buen Vivir is a philosophy from various Indigenous groups in Abya Yala (American continent) encompassing the harmonious coexistence of living beings with natural-cultural environments and the earth. How might we situate and achieve Buen Vivir in Aotearoa?

This workshop seeks to weave the threads of community towards a collective wellbeing.