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19-20 November 2019 
AUT, WZ Building, 6-24 St Paul St

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Following on from the first four events, we asked past participants for feedback about what they loved and what they’d like to see at future events. 

Right now, we’re building on these thoughts, ideas and hopes to create an agenda that focuses on a theme of Authentic Participation.

Social innovation practices are hugely dependent on the people who participate in them. We seek insights, input, clarity, feedback, and co-creation from individuals, communities and people within systems. We believe people are the experts in their own experiences, and we do our best to work alongside and navigate their worlds and their needs, to create positive change together.  

The agenda will explore some of the ways that people participate in social innovation practices, and will invite you to participate in new ways too. 

If you’ve got thoughts or ideas that would build on this theme please email eddy@curative.co.nz

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Design approaches are being taken up across sectors as diverse as health, education, employment and business. Nationally we are investing in design-led programs and responses as a way to tackle complex social challenges.

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The DSI Network aims to build connections between practitioners and create space for sharing insights and learnings across different sectors. We aim to support the development of co-design practices that are of Aotearoa,
and challenge ourselves as practitioners, managers and policy makers to ask what else is needed for design to have impact.

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Create connections between those working or interested in design and social innovation around the country and across disciplines


Celebrate the work being done here in Aotearoa New Zealand across different sectors and at different scales and support it to grow

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Engage in open discussion and critique around questions of politics, power, ethics and accessibility that arise in these contexts


Share knowledge and experience and gain exposure to new skills and techniques

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