Grace Stratton



At 20-years-old Grace Stratton has built, alongside her co-founder Angela Bevan, - launched in March it has made waves for accessibility. Alongside Jacinda Ardern, Grace is the only other New Zealander to be featured on InStyle's Badass 50.

At the helm of an enterprise with a global action plan, Grace believes in accessibility for all facets of modern life - Disabled people, as individuals, are not 'weak' or 'unable', but the world has designed social systems and attitudes which perpetuate this mistruth, we must design better, we do that partly by inviting disabled people to lead. Earlier this year Grace worked with New Zealand Fashion Week to cast six models with disabilities for the first time.

Otherwise, Grace studies law and communications.

How can I lean in, if I am not let in?

Whakawhitiwhiti Kōrero
Wednesday 20 November

The term 'Lean In' encompasses the importance of women seizing opportunity, but for many, it's not as simple as just leaning in. What if you're entering a space in which, largely, you have never been in before? What if at every turn, your desire to lean in, is halted by a barrier of someone else's making. This is the reality for people with disabilities, especially in fashion.

But All is for All is changing that, enabling the authentic participation of 25% of the population, whom we largely still ignore.


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