Anna Guenther



Anna Guenther is the co-founder and Chief Bubble Blower of PledgeMe, New Zealand's first crowdfunding platform. Since launching 7 years ago, over 1,400 creative, community and entrepreneurial campaigns have raised over $40 million through PledgeMe.

Anna has also worked for the New Zealand Government, MIT and Harvard, and completed her Masters in Entrepreneurship with a focus on crowdfunding. She's an intersectional feminist and interested in using universal design concepts to unlock funding for those that have traditionally been excluded from the financial markets. PledgeMe aims to have the diversity of Aotearoa represented in the funding coming through their platform, and while they're performing better than most financial institutions they know there are always things they could improve.

The future is... owned by the community

Whakawhitiwhiti Kōrero
Tuesday 19 November

In the future, we believe all enterprise will need to be social. Organisations will need to consciously create positive impact, for our planet and people. In order to do that, Anna will argue that the institutions that serve us need to be owned by their communities.

Anna will share insights around community ownership successes internationally, locally, and through her platform, PledgeMe, as well as some of the lessons learned.


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