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"What questions do you bring to DSI...?"

On July 2015 the #DSI2015 symposium opened with a hakaactivation session with Jack Gray (read more about the opening session here). As part of this participants were asked to capture and share the questions that they brought with them to DSI.
This activity was our first introduction to each other, and helped to give shape to the diversity of perspectives, experiences and sectors in the room. It also helped us to name both similar and different tensions people are sitting with at the intersection of design, social and impact.
We've roughly themed and compiled the 150+ questions below, which were generated in around 5 minutes by 100+ people from different sectors and disciplines. Big thanks to Justine McFarlane for writing these all up!

There were questions about learning, tools and coaching

  • can I learn from the and leverage off the people in the room?
  • how can we best support each other to do this work?
  • who's trying what in the social innovation space - I want inspiration?
  • who is doing cool stuff
  • how might we absorb valuable insights from each other over the next 2 days?
  • how can we design systems, tools and processes to allow our true humanness to emerge?
  • tools to influence, work together on ideas out of the box
  • how can we support one another with our work, when we go back into our communities
  • what are the new tools and techniques that can be applied to an environment policy space?
  • how might we incorporate what we learn in our work in ways that are consistent and sustainable ?
  • what are the connections do I have to the experiences of others?
  • how can we access mentoring or coaching when we get a little stuck in our work?
  • what is the new to be learned in this space and time?
  • how can the content of today help us reinvent libraries ?
  • how might we open source social service design?
  • how can I help and encourage participants to make physical prototypes?
  • how can we increase awareness capability and action for co design?
  • how can I best use by skills and background to grow my design thinking, knowledge and contribute
There were questions about working in and with organisations and groups
  • how do you be a whole person human centred in a bureaucracy
  • how can a large org best contribute to social innovation and social outcomes?
  • what are the partnership opportunities across social sectors?
  • how do we create the desire to design in a group of diverse, interests and backgrounds?
  • how do we mix things up in an organisations?
  • how do we foster an organisation culture that fosters innovation and effectiveness with heart?
  • how do we create a design lead organisation - structure, skill sets and purpose?
  • how ready are our organisations to work differently could design thinking be that different?
  • how to let board /seniors let go of the driving the design process?
  • how do I spread new /innovative approaches within my organisation?
There were questions about working together for great good /emerging community
hoping to find ways forward together
  • how can I contribute to the mission of others in this place
  • how might we work together to address complex social issues
  • how do we unshakable ourselves from jargon to be great humans together?
  • how do we work together to solve big problems
  • how do we bring diversity of thinking together for a collective purpose
  • how can we harness the collective heart, heart, spirit, hands for our community?
  • how might we share our collective energy with others?
  • how to collaborate diverse ideas?
  • how do we sustain for the long haul?
  • how can I contribute to this place/space?
  • how might we love and support each other and avoid competition and conflict?
  • how do we fit in or contribute what do we bring?
  • what needs to be done?
  • connecting innovation flows across country and community
  • what if this group created tangible change?
  • what does community actually mean?
  • how might we transition from hui hui to doey doey?
  • what do we need to do before we can work together
  • how to say no better? In a way that’s constructive in a way that's honest?
  • How can we do more good in nz

  • What change can this symposium generate

  • What are the mind-sets, resources and skills  we need to better solve more social challenges

  • Who are the people in nz who are passionate doers in the social innovation space

  • How do we do more talk less

There were questions about working with people and being community centered
  • how do we include all people in our work
  • how can symposiums like these come into communities at little or no extra costs?
  • how do we learn to truly let go in our community work?
  • how are designers sharing their skills with the disadvantaged communities?
  • how do we connect with all aucklanders knowing that we are a diverse group?
  • how do we go back into our communities and share our learnings?
  • what would those less privileged than I teach us?
  • how can I ensure all people have safe access, invitation to participate or not according to them?
  • how can I get more customer input into the design of services?

There were questions about tensions of I / personal reflections/ meaning

  • what can I do , what is my role?
  • what this all about?
  • what is the smartest and efficient way of doing my job
  • I actually didn’t come with questions
  • how can I be of best use?
  • what can I do to create greater impact
  • what the hell should I do next?
  • where do I stand and what does that mean?
  • where will I go from here?
  • what can I learn from others and apply to my own org?
  • today what gems are offered to me by the universe to advance my mission
  • how can I draw these threads together?
  • am I a designer?
  • how might I reimagine my role to maximise my positive impact on the world and personal fulfilment
  • how might I apply what I learn to create meaningful impact
  • I want to know how /we can play a part
  • how do we make our bread and butter while working towards justice?
  • how might we decouple work from worth?

There were questions about Maori/ Cultural World view lens

  • how do we stand as allies to the tangata whenua?
  • how do we integrate te Maori research methods into western frameworks or create new ones?
  • how do we work cross culturally and not under value any cultural principle or world view?
  • how important is the naming and languages?
  • how might we deeply and authentically do design work in Aoteoroa nz with te tiriti o waitangi in the way we practice?
  • how can the Samoan diapasonic? community enlist both factional and contemporary knowledge and practices to collaborative effect social change?
There were questions about engagement challenges and influence, adoption and impact
  • what role does social innovation have in education especially in secondary education
  • how do I get really disengaged and disempowered group to engage
  • how do you keep it alive and fresh to avoid the intuitionalism / system
  • how do you get buy in or support from organisations
  • how might I introduce design approaches to my organisations
  • how do we stop creating more arsonists fire-fighters?
  • is there such thing as collaboration in an environment driven by competition?
  • how do you access people/stakeholders who aren't willing or stubborn?
  • how can I better influence the influencers?
  • how might we get more organisations to use service design thinking?
  • how might we transform industries to work on wicked problems that matter?
  • do you need to be a internal staff member to be effective running a service design process?
  • how can I design and engage my team an organisation to have greater lasting impact?
  • how can I create the conditions for innovation in our workforce?
  • what can I do to find innovation across the business?
  • how do we encourage people to be involved?
There were questions about social innovation
  • how do you scale out innovation for the social good
  • what ideas from social innovation, language and how we communicate can integrate what I do and my work?
  • what does social innovation mean to others?
  • integrating social innovation and economy
  • how do we maximise the benefits of social programs?
  • what way can I contribute to social innovation in Auckland/NZ
  • how do I do social inovation, what does it look like, how do I know its happening, how do I make space for it?
  • how truly do we design with not for, and involve the people affected by a problem in a systematic way?
  • how do we build better systems and help people help themselves?
  • how do I step back and check in, hearing the participants?
  • understand life experience of leaders - e.g. suicide mental health ?
  • how to take everyone on the journey and how to make it happen?
  • how to come into a community and create new spaces for people to connect that are owned by the
  • community?
  • how can we use what we do to connect different communities to each other to create new communities?
  • how can we better resource community?
  • how can I create a new narrative for south auckland pacific island communities
  • what is the best way to conenct and communicate with communities
  • how can I share now beautiful and unique the south auckland and pacific island communities are?
There were design questions
  • what is really new and different about the design approach?
  • IP?
  • where do design approaches fit into the social change ecosystem, community develop, activism etc
  • what makes great co design ?
  • what are the different levels and dimensions of creativity within a multi disciplinary group, practicing codesign
  • how do I reinvent service design at my organisation so it remains relevant for today but positions us well for our transformed tomorrow?
  • how do we design in positive change in systems addicted to negativity?
  • what is the experience of the designer within collaborative process of co design
  • how does co design a fit as a collaborative practice within educational communication? design?
  • how can I facilitate conversations between university teachers/ students and the outer/other communities they work with ?
  • how can I best launch my education innovation incubator?
  • what can educators learn from the social innovation community?
  • how might education learning be re-imagined to better serve all?
  • how might education and the wider design community benefit each other?
There were questions about specific environments and experiences, policy, refugees, libraries
  • how can environmental strategy be better designed with the community
  • how to shape a society that cares and actively supports environmental action in daily lives?
  • what can we do to support the very disadvantaged and xx refugees/ asylum seekers when they first come into NZ
  • how can a community library be a catalyst for social innovation lab?
  • how can policy outcomes be improved by design?
There were questions about new eyes / on the edge ideas / wicked questions
  • how can you use new technology for social innovation?
  • how do you reorient services to prioritise people over processes?
  • how can we leverage the power of digital in social innovation?
  • how might we deliberately and consciously ground, give and receive energy each day?
  • how do we create slower processes and spaces to consider what's convenient over what's right - mindfully
  • how do we incorporate spirit within mainstream wellbeing initiatives especially when the unseen is discounted?
  • where does shared responsibility stop and start?
  • how do we hold the tension between holding our knowledge and letting it go?
  • what are the intersections too many or too few?

There were questions about Change / Collective

  • how can I assist in changing the mind-set towards change?
  • how might we utilise everyone's energy and knowledge to solve the challenges we face?
  • how do we change our environment to enhance people's wellbeing naturally?
  • how does everyone own the change?
  • how might we do enough talking to unlock the right doing?
  • how can we make change easier for people to imagine and do?
  • what is sufficient cooperation to create coherent change in problematic social conditions?
  • how might we influence a rebalancing of their focus on the individual/ short term to greater good and longer term
  • how will adding design improve population outcomes
  • if design is like rainwater accessible to all and systems organisations, bodies are like umbrellas, how does a
  • droplet of design trickle through to impact everyone's lives?
  • how can the design for social roles and jobs grow?
  • how do we xx this type of approach to solving complex social issues in our rohe
  • what can design for social Aotearoa mean?
And there were questions about measurement / evidence
  • how do we know that those we design for/ is for are benefiting?
  • who really benefits?
  • how do you balance multiple truths?
  • how might we demonstrate the true value of design approaches?
  • how do we inspire the confidence that impact will come to unlock resources when the answer is unknown?
  • what research and theories supporting design for social innovation approaches should I read up on?
  • how to capitalise on emerging technology to improve wellbeing?
  • how might we dismantle gentrification so we may value people above capital?
  • what kinds of conversations can be hard?
  • Is social entrepreneurship service the neo liberal system?
  • why must we earn the means to satisfy basic human needs?
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