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Mapping the ecosystem - so far

On the 15th of June DNA, Deloitte, Auckland Council, MSD and Nga Aho hosted the Design for Public Good mapping session

Our intent was to support the growing mahi of design for social innovation here in Aoteaora by mapping existing work and making new connections. Intentions we will be building on at the Design for Social Innovation Symposium in July. 

More than sixty people attended the event which was by open invitation and facilitated by Max Adler (Auckland Council) and Desna Whaanga-Scholum (Nga Aho).

Together the group mapped an enormous amount of activity happening in the design social innovation area.  Activities were grouped in domains, some top line analysis of the results were undertaken, new connections were made and conversations started.

DNA kaumatua Noel Brown kicked things off with a powhiri and talked about the tremendous challenges facing New Zealand and the contribution design needs to make to heal the social wounds inflicted in the last 30 years of market driven economic transformation.  His concluding waiata identified the imperatives

Ma wai ra e taurima

Te marae a waho nei?

Ma te tiki ma te pono

Me te aroha e.

How will this marae (society) be safeguarded?

By truth, by  justice and by love!

Thanks to all that joined us for the evening and we look forward to growing our understanding of the potential for design and social innovation in Aoteaora. 

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