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DSI Symposium 2015

Exploring the emerging intersection between Design, Social and Impact in Aotearoa New Zealand. #dsi2015

 The Design for Social Innovation Symposium took place on the 15th-16th of July 2015 at AUT University in Auckland
This interactive and practitioner focused event recognised the important ways that design is being applied to social contexts and challenges in Aotearoa New Zealand, and helped to set the direction for the continued development of social and co-design capability in this country.
More than 100 people from across different sectors and backgrounds joined us to:
  • Bring together experiences and perspectives from within the disciplines of design, community development, and evaluation 
  • Grow our collective ability to involve communities in the design and adoption of the services and policies that impact them
  • Understand how communities want to be, and already are involved in the design of their spaces, places, services, communities.
Highlights from the event are captured here:
The Sessions
DSI2015 Sessions included reflections, insights, surgeries and skill shares from a diverse range of speakers and perspectives. At the same time attendees helped to build the programme through the contribution and perspective we each brought as participants. 
DSI2015  Programme & Slides
Wednesday 15th July - Looking Across
Storify Overview: Day 1 - Looking Across

8.00am Registration Opens

Level 1 Foyer Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG Building), AUT University 

9.00am Connecting In - what are we bringing?

Agnes Naera, AUT  

Haka Activation// Embodying collective essence as people of this land, Aotearoa

Choreographed by Jack Gray, Atamira 

10.00 Tea, Cake & Kōrero

10.30 Working at the intersection: what are we seeing?

Welcome to the intersection: Penny Hagen, Symposium Co-convener

Mauri, the creative connection: people, place and practice, Desna Whaanga-Schollum, Ngā Aho [Slides PDF 18mg]

Design, Now and next, Noel Brown, DNA [Slides PDF]

Co-design, what it takes, Lynne Maher, Ko Awatea [Slides PDF]

Conversations with Elizabeth Goodwin, Ministry of Social Development

Hosts, Jim Scully Think Place & Gareth Parry PWC

12.00 Lunch & Spontaneous Table Topics

1.30pm Making a difference through design approaches in the social sector

Mauri Oho - Awakening Potential Through Personalised e-Learning Michele Kire, Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust, Matt Currie, Divergent 

Rough Sleeping in Central Auckland:  Helen Robinson, Auckland City Mission, Sophia Beaton & Dr Trudie Cain, Auckland Council, Victoria Hearn, Lifewise [Slides PDF]

Designing (and re-designing) Learning: Steve Mouldey, Hobson Point Secondary School  [Slides PDF]

Out of the rubble: New ways of working, Guy Field & Lisa Evlampieff, Christchurch City Libraries [Slides PDF]

3pm Coffe & Snacks

3.30pm Is it working? How will we know? 

Hakamana: Embracing evaluation as part of our creative process - Tania Wolfgram, Hakamana [Powerpoint]

What impact could we be having, and how might we know (now and in the future)?  - Geoff Stone, Ripple Research Design and Evaluation [Slides PDF]

4.15pm Connecting our mahi

Host, Billy Matheson, Auckland Council

Reflections & emerging themes: where are we heading? 

Hosts, Jim Scully, Think Place & Gareth Parry, PWC

5pm - 6.30pm Identity Lounge: A small soiree with Linda T 

Thursday 16th July - Diving In

Storify Overview: Day 2 - Diving In 

9.00am Opening reflections

Lee Ryan,  Symposium co-convener


Ingrid Burkett, Knode, Tacsi, Centre for Social Impact Australia

9.30am Skills Bus Stops

Speed teaching sessions designed for us to share some practical tools and methods

7 tips and tricks for igniting a community - Billy Matheson [PDF]

Lessons from Fail Club - Imogen Parry [PDF]

Investigative Rehearsal - Kelly Ann McKercher [PDF]

Prototyping - How to design, create and test a prototype - Matt Gould [PDF]
An investigative approach to design research - Max Adler  [PDF]
Hands on with Lego Serious Play - Lee Ryan [PDF]
Visual Experience Boards - Abbi Harwood-Tobin [PDF]
Business model canvas for social enterprise designIngrid Burkett [PDF]
Theory of change - Chelsea Robinson [PDF]

Turn Design into Reality in Organisations - Jane Fitzgerald [PDF]

The right contributors at the right time - How do you make a design process inclusive and participatory, without resorting to design by committee? - Peter Harrison  [PDF]

11.00 Surgery Session I - Project Surgeries

Meaningful conversations about the challenges and tensions that come with working at the intersection of design, social and impact. Each surgery is grounded in a specific project domain and hosted by a partnership team. Participants select to attend one of the following sessions.

Surgery 1. The Boundaries of Co-design: Government & Citizens - Hosted by Auckland Co-design Lab

Co-design Lab will share some of the real-world questions and challenges they need to address in their work to support co-design with citizens and between government agencies and NGO organisations. We will work together to explore how far we can and want to take co-design in such government contexts, and how might we initiate and support the new patterns of working we believe are needed.

Facilitator - Peter Harrison

Surgery 2. Young People Flourishing: Design & Social Change - Hosted by Lifehack

Lifehack will share some of their learnings to date around supporting and enabling young people to affect social change. They will share some of the tools and models they are applying and the opportunities and challenges they are embracing as they continue to evolve and understand the potential to support young people and their projects.

Facilitator -  Billy Matheson

Surgery 3. Co-design and Social innovation with and within Communities - Tamaki Mental Health and Wellbeing Social Lab, Hosted by ADHB & ProCare  

The team will share with us their learning and experience of setting up co-design and social labs within large scale complex community settings. Together we will explore questions of engagement, the impact of social labs approaches on how we all do our jobs, and the challenges for funding, governance and leadership.

Facilitator - Max Adler

12.15 Lunch & Spontaneous Table Topics

1.30pm Surgery Session II

Working together to explore broader practice development questions or directions. Meta surgeries are initiated by provocations and reflections from 3-4 different voices, and then opened out to the group. Participants select to attend one of the following sessions:

Surgery 4. Implications for education and learning. Facilitated by Peter Harrison

Surgery 5. Design for Policy. Facilitated by Penny Hagen

Surgery 6. Integrating People Data and Measurement Facilitated by Billy Matheson

2.30pm Building design capability into organisations and national agendas (aka measuring innovation & managing risk)

Stephen McKernon - Auckland Council [PDF]

Ingrid Burkett - Knode, Tacsi, Centre for Social Impact Australia [PDF]

3.30pm Coffee and Snacks

4.00pm Mapping, Reflections & What are we taking with us?

Hosts, Jim Scully, Think Place & Gareth Parry, PWC

Summation Slides [PDF]

5.00pm Haere Ra! Farewell

Agnes Naera, AUT

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