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Call to participate: Auckland Council Leisure Services and Getting Auckland Active – Help Us Co-Design the Future!

Join the Creative Crowd at Auckland Council

Calling all social innovators! Come along over the month of October and help us find ways for families to increase their health and happiness by becoming more physically active.

Auckland Council Pools and Leisure is using design methods to shape its future.

Email to take a tour and share your thoughts ... Especially as a person who likes or wants to be (more) physically active. 30 minutes is all you need. If you have a group and are able to stay for an hour we can get you involved in prototyping. Most importantly, your ideas will contribute to the rapid shaping of new services around the region.


Civic Building, 1 Greys Ave

Auckland Central


Everyone who attends will go in the draw for a prize.  There are 3 prizes of either a 6 week Leisure Centre trial membership or a $50 Westfield voucher.

Our goal

We want to learn how to help Aucklanders who are relatively inactive but want to be more active.  We are committed to acting quickly on the best, most feasible ideas.

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